What are your Talents, Hopes, Dreams, Blessings?


I have been planning and preparing this blog post to be on break-even analysis and the importance of record keeping.  However, as I was reading “Tweets” on Twitter a few days ago. I ran across a great story about Kuha’o Case.  Kuha’o was born premature and wasn’t expected to live, and although he beat the odds, complications from a surgery left him blind from birth.  However this did not keep Kuha’o from reaching out and teaching himself to play the piano.   Even though he has mastered the piano, Kuha’o has done much more than that, he has inspired people to dig a little deeper, try a little harder and be more grateful for their own abilities and skills.    

It is important for not just farmers and ranchers to work hard to develop their skills but for everyone regardless of their occupation.  We each have talents and God-given gifts that we need to cultivate and develop and use to help ourselves and others.  I challenge each one of us to take a minute in the next day or two to take an inventory of our talents, hopes, dreams, and blessings to make sure we are still on track to accomplish these things.  It may take us a little longer than others, maybe even a lifetime, but the most important thing is to be moving forward on these accomplishments.

One of my goals is to one day own a small dairy, pasteurize, bottle milk, make ice cream and cheese curds.  I was going to use the name “Hales Frozen over Ice Cream” and the slogan of “Sinfully Delicious”.  Even though, I am a long way from accomplishing this goal. I could not  help but think even if I never mark this off my bucket list, it is important that I try and inspire others to work to accomplish their dreams as Kuha’o has done so well.

One of the things I have been learning as I have been interviewing local farmers and ranchers is a common theme of how they have done this which is “Being Patient, Working Hard, Never Quitting and Always being Honest”

Good Luck on taking your inventory of talents, hopes, dreams and blessings.  I hope you can achieve them.

Here are some links to Kuha’o Cases website and YouTube videos




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