Farmer Wall of Fame-Introduction

Been farming long

Some of the greatest education we can receive is from other people.  Just like the old adage states “A wise man learns from his mistakes a wiser man learns from the mistakes of others”.  In order to facilitate these lessons learned from successful farmers and businessmen I will be making a new wall.  This new wall will be called the “Farmer Wall of Fame”. Each week a new farmer will be introduced. It will include a brief history of their farming operation, what aspects of their operation are successful, what things they would change if they could, and any advice they have for other farmers in their area.

There is so much knowledge in the world and we can learn so much from others experiences.

The first farmer to be introduced into the “Farmer Wall of Fame” will be Roy Clarno. Roy is one of the most successful farmers I have ever known.  His complete introduction will be on tomorrow’s post.  Check back then it will be well worth it.

A quick alfalfa price update-The rumor is dairy hay in Northern Nevada (FOB-farm) is priced at $230/ton and feeder hay is priced at $210 per ton.  I hope that is true that is an incredible price.

Have a great day!


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