John Deere 520 Tractor

My name is Howard Hales I am a current student in the Executive MBA program at the University of Nevada-Reno (UNR). We have been tasked to maintain a blog as a part of one of the last classes before we graduate. I have chosen to blog about one of my favorite subjects…Agriculture. I will deviate from this topic on occasion but for the most part, it will be “All about Agriculture”.

In order to begin, I need to briefly introduce myself. I was raised in a great family from Idaho, I currently have a great family, and I am employed with Public Utility in Northern Nevada as a Business Analyst, a student at UNR enrolled in UNR’s first “Online” Executive MBA program. I am actively working with the youth in my church, sometimes this drives me crazy, since I am not naturally good with teenagers, but I believe it is important to help others especially the youth. My goal is to help them to believe in themselves, and to help them not make the same mistakes that I did as a youth.

It may appear that I am a long way from being involved in agriculture, however, I play a small part in helping to manage a farm currently owned by my employer in Northern Nevada. We are currently raising alfalfa and using grain hay as a rotation crop. Luckily, through this farm I have been able to continue to learn and grow with the ag industry even though I no longer own any cows.

Through this blog our class has been tasked with the promoting our brand or our values through a blog and other social media outlets. This has been very difficult for me, and I have done somethings I never thought I would do. One of which was to create a “Facebook” page, a “Google +” account and even write a blog. There was an assignment two weeks ago to identify our value. As I have thought about this over the past two weeks, I came across a picture of a John Deere 520 tractor. My grandfather had this same tractor and my father used it on his farm/dairy for many years. I had the opportunity to operate this tractor often while I was growing up. I remember we used this tractor to do many different things from cultivating corn, loading feed into the feed truck and even scraping corrals at the dairy. I can not remember a day when this little old tractor did not start right up and go to work. My value is to be like this old tractor, hard-working, reliable and most of all very useful. I hope this blog will provide useful information on farm management.

The next blog post will answer the following questions: When is the best time to cut hay? Should it be for the dairy, feeder or export market?

Stay tuned for next weeks blog post for all the details



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